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( )21. Xi Jinping made his visit to Finland, European country.
It was great success.
A. a, a B. a, an C. an, an D. an, a
( )22. The shop in Wanda square for five years, but I there so far.
A. has opened; haven’t gone B. has been open; haven’t been
C. has been open; haven’t gone D. has opened; haven’t been
( )23. It’s kind them to give food and clothes to homeless people. They think it important
them to do so.
A. of; for B. for; of C. of; to D. to; for
( )24. When did your father come back from England
A. Until 2 weeks ago. B. since 2 weeks ago.
C. for 2 weeks. D. Not until last Sunday.
( )25. —Are you sure you have to do this now It’s very late.
—I didn’t know to do it if not now.
A. where B. how C. what D. when
( )26.Which of the following is an opinion
A. There are many restaurants in Suzhou.
B. Thousands of people visit Suzhou Gardens every year.
C. 2016 World Badmindon Championships were held in Kunshan.
D. Life in Suzhou is getting better in some ways.
( )27. —Would you mind my opening the window
— It’s too cold outside the room now.
A. Ne
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