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暑假开学测试英语试卷 2017.09.01
( )21.I think it’s _____ useful book and it is also _____ important learning tool.
A. a ; a B. an ; an C. a ; an D. an ; a
( ) 22. -John isn’t happy today. Let’s go and ____. -Good idea.
A. cheer up him B. cheer him up C. to cheer up D. cheer up
( ) 23. ____ can come in. I’m too busy to see ____.
A. Nobody; somebody B. Anybody; nobody
C. Nobody; anybody D. Somebody; anybody
( )24. On my way ____ home, I lost a ticket ____ Titanic.
A. to; to B. to; of C. /; of D. /; to
( )25. -Mom, my classmates invited me ____ a field trip. May I go with them
A. go on B. to go on C. go in D. to go in
( )26. Please be quick, or we will have no time ____ have lunch.
A. to B. in C. on D. /
( )27. The old man lives ____ but he doesn’t feel ____.
A. lonely; alone B. lonely; lonely
C. alone; lonely D. alone; alone
( )28. She will call you if she ____.
A. goes to B. go back C. come back D. comes back
( )29.--- Hello! Could I speak to Jane
---- Sorry, she isn’t in. She __________ Shanghai.
A.has gone to B. have gone to C. have been to D.has been to
( ) 30.Not only he but also I ______ well in swimming.
A.does B. are C. do D. am
( ) 31.---- Peter has made great progress in math recently.
--- _________ , and so have you.
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