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( ) 21. A. also B. across C. robot
( ) 22. A. city B. bill C. bike
( ) 23. A. any B. think C. born
( ) 24. A. kids B. bags C. boxes
( ) 25. A. town B. know C. blow
Ⅵ. 单项选择。(10分)
( )26. Chang’e became so light that she flew_______ the sky a result.
A. up to; as B. in; to C. up to; in
( )27. My teacher________ me not to copy the answers in the exam.
A. lets B. makes C. warns D. keeps
( )28. He has read a book_______ by Guo Moruo.
A. written B. was written C. wrote
( )29. On Christmas Eve, my father often________ as Santa Claus and gives us gifts.
A. lays out B. ends upC. dresses up
( )30. Zongzi ________me Qu Yuan.
A. thinks; of B. thinks; aboutC. reminds; of
( )31. My father_______ dinner table after the guest came.
A. laid out B. lays C. laid away
( )32. My father is_______. But he said he could solve his problems on his own.
A. in health B. in dangerous C. in need
( )33._______ clever girl she is! A. What B. How C. What a
( )34. The old man’s________ made me very sad. A. death B. dead C. die
( )35. I will thank my mother_______ me love and warmth.
A. to give B. for givingC. for to give
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