[ID:4-4645458] 2017-2018学年下学期八年级英语6月月考试题(无答案,有听力音频)
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( )21 Teresa is ____ nervous ____ she can’t talk in front of the class.
A. such; that B. too; to C. so; that D. enough; to
( )22 The movie was funny. I couldn’t stop ____.
A. to laugh B. laughing C. laugh D. laughed
( )23 Some people think Guo Mingyi is ____ silly.
A. a kind of B. a little bit C. a bit of D. a lot of
( )24 Finally, Susan got married ____ a businessman.
A. with B. of C. to D. from
( ).25 This pair of shoes doesn’t ____ me. Do you have a larger size
A. allow B. wear C. beat D. fit
( )26. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried ____ something
different for me during my stay in Canada.
A. to cook B. cooking C. cook D. cooked
( )27 My brother is not ____ to lift the heavy stone.
A. too weak B. weak too C. strong enough D. enough strong
( )28 We should try to think up a good way ____ the problem.
A. solves B. to solve C. solving D. solve
( )29 Linda won’t watch TV unless she ____ her homework in time.
A. finishes B. finish C. finishing D. to finish
( )30.The bags ________ sand were used[使用] to stop the flood{洪水}.
A. are full of B. full with
C. filled with D. are filled of
( )31.Tom and his brothers the jobs yesterday afternoon.
A. have finished B. has finished C. finished
( )32.The world’s deepest sa
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