[ID:4-4590362] [精]名校调研系列卷·八年级下学期英语第三次月考测试(含听力音频+参考答案)
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V.句意填词 在空白处填入一个适当的词,使句意完整。 (5分)
1.We received a letter from him r________ .
2.She h_______ her diary in a place where nobody could find it yesterday .
3.The man was b______ to jump into the river to save the child .
4.We must p__________ these animals because they are endangered
5.He can’t even move because of his i_________ .
VI. 单项选择 从每小题所给的三个选项中, 选出一个正确答案。(10分)
( ) 1. I think you should take _______ rest .
A a B. an C. the
( ) 2. I can borrow books ______ the library in high school
A to B for C. from
( ) 3. She allowed the children to do _______ they liked .
A whenever B. whatever C. wherever
( ) 4. -----Sorry , I forgot your name . Can you _____ me ?
-----I’m Daniel .
A remind B. receive C. remember
( ) 5. ----It is _______ of some teenagers to be crazy about pop stars
-----Well , I don’t think so . We were once young and had the similar experience .
A creative B. silly C. awake
( ) 6. Tim has such a good _____ that he won many prizes in singing competitions last year .
A sleep B. idea C. voice
( ) 7. -----Everyone knows Canada is the second largest country in the world .
-----That is , it is larger than ______ country in Asia .
A any B. any other C. other
( ) 8. _______ I know , more and more people in the world are learning Chinese .
A As well as B. As soon as C. As for as
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