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八年级英语第四次月考测试卷 2017.06
命题组: 初一备课组 A线: B线:
( )1. ----What do you think of the movie
----Not bad. It’s much______ that I expected.
A. good B. better C. best D. well
( )2. _____ birth, a baby panda_______ about 0.2 kilos.
A. on; weigh B. on; weighs C. at; weighs D. when; weigh
( )3. There ______ a school trip this weekend. We will have a great time.
A. is B. are C. will be D. be
( )4. I’m ______ in collecting stamps at all.
A. interested B. interesting C. not interesting D. not interested
( )5. Our city is becoming______.
A. more beautiful and more B. more and more beautiful
C. more beautiful and beautiful D. more beautiful and more beautiful
( )6. ----The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it
----Oh, it ______ books.
A. is filled with B. is used for C. is aimed at D. is full with
( )7. We should try our best to save those _______ animals.
A. dangerous B. endanger C. endangered D. danger
( )8. The mother is trying her best to ______ her child_______ the earthquake(地震)
A. protect ;from B. protect; to C. prevent; from D. prevent; to
( )9. There isn’t a museum near where I live. The ______ one is over 30 miles away.
A. near
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