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八年级 英语试题
( )16. -While John_____ the piano, Mary ___ the house.
-Really, didn’t she like his performance
A. played; left B. was playing; left
C. was playing; was leaving D. played; was leaving
( )17. -Who’s the Monkey King
-He’s the main _____ in Journey to the West.
A. actor B. object C. character D. tourist
( )18. -Canada is a lot ______crowded than China.
-That’s true. The population in China is larger than _____ in Canada.
A. more; it B. less; one C. more; those D. less; that
( )19. The Millers used to in New York, but now they are used to in
A. live; live B. live; living C. living; live D. living; living
( )20. -Are they going to the old museum
-Yes. They will build a shopping center here.
A. take down B. set up C. find out D. cut off
( )21. -How did Lucy hurt herself
-She ____ a big tree because she was reading while walking.
A. walked over B. walked into C. fell into D. ran over
( )22. -I ______ with the new iphone 6s at the first sight of it.
-So you bought it though your parents didn’t allow.
A. came up B. got on
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