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( ) 21. ---What do you think of the English song lonely by Nana ?
---I think it’s ______best song in the world. The singer has_______beautiful voice, too.
A. the, the B. a, a C. the, a D. a, the
( ) 22.You all had a ___________holiday last week. How happy you are!
A.seven-day B. seven-days C.seven-days’. D. seven days
( ) 23 . Here comes the bus. Let’s ________________.
A.to get it on B.to get on it C.get it on D.get on it
( ) 24. People in the UK say “lorry” while people in the USA say “_______ ”.
A. yard B. vacation C. truck D. soccer
( ) 25. My family arrived________Shanghai ______the morning of July 8th.
 A. in,at B. at,in C.in,on D. at,on
( ) 26. This maths problem is_easier but_____interesting than that one.
 A. much;more  B. more;more  C.much;much  D. more;much
( ) 27.He spends as much time as he can __________ English every day.
A. to practise to speak B. practise to speak
C. practise speaking D. practising speaking
(    )28.The weather in Guangzhou is hotter than________in Beijing.
A.that B. it C. this D.one
( ) 29. .---How is Tom now?
---I hear the company______ him a good job, but he refused(拒绝) it.
A.offered B.passed C.showed D.introduced
( ) 30. —Why don’t we visit the Palace Museum tomorrow?
.A. You are welcome. B. What a great idea! C. Thank you D. No, I don’t.
Our English teacher was like a friend to us, and we all liked her. One day she came into the classroom and shouted, “Who did this? ”She held up a piece of broken glass and asked, “Who 31 the window?”She seldom became angry. 32 this time she was.
I broke the window. I had done that 33 throwing a baseball. I didn’t want to admit (承认) it 34 I didn’t have enough money to pay for a big window like that .“My father will be 35 ,”I thought. At first I didn’t put up my hand, but later something strong in my heart suddenly made me stand up. “I did it,” I said .How difficult it was for me to say that!
My teacher 36 a book from one of our bookshelves and then began walking towards my desk. I was afraid that she was going to punish(惩罚) me.
“I know you like collecting 37 very much, ”she said, looking down at my 38 face. “Here is the book about collecting stamps that you are looking for. Now, the book is yours and I shall not punish you. Remember, it’s because you 39 the truth.”
I couldn’t believe it! My teacher wasn’t punishing me. I didn’t 40 to pay for the broken window. And I got my favourite book!
As time goes, the book is gone, so is my wonderful teacher. But I will never forget the lesson the teacher gave me that day.
( ) 31. A. cleaned B. climbed C. broke D. repaired
( )32. A. And B. But C. So D. Or
( ) 33. A. in B. by C. on D. to
( ) 34. A. because B. if C. when D. though (尽管)
( ) 35. A. pleased B. excited C. afraid D. angry
( ) 36. A. read B. wrote C. took D. bought
( ) 37. A. books B. desks C. stamps D. windows
( ) 38. A. nervous B. pretty C. happy D. square
( ) 39. A. talked B. spoke C. said D. told
( ) 40. A. like B. want C. use D. need
Welcome to the National Zoo! It is a wonderful place to explore(探索), learn and relax. Enjoy your visit! Here are our rules to help you have an enjoyable and safe experience.
No pets
Don’t bring your pets to the zoo. Your pets will disturb the animals here. And they may feel worried. If you take your pets to the zoo, we will let you go.
Walk!Don’t ride
Only people in wheelchairs(轮椅) and kids in strollers(折叠式婴儿车) can get to ride around the zoo.[来Co
No smokingIf you smoke in the zoo, something may be on fire. Don't do that!
Don't feed the animalsOur animals have healthy diets. Human food may make them sick.
Respect barriers(栅栏)
Barriers between you and our animals are to protect(保护) you and the animals from harm. Remember that our animals are wild animals.
Don't litter
Put all of your rubbish in bins. Help us to keep our zoo clean.
You can take photos here and share the great memories with your family and friends.
( )41. The Chinese meaning of the underlined word “disturb” is “_______”.
A.使高兴 B.使兴奋 C.使不安 D.使悲伤
( )42. We can’t feed the animals in the zoo because_______.
A. the animals may be fat B. the animals may be sick
C. the animals may attack(攻击) children D. the animals may be thin
( )43. What can we do in the zoo?
A. Smoke. B. Play with our pets. C. Ride bikes. D. Take photos.
( )44. "Remember that our animals are wild animals." wants to tell us that_______.
A. the animals are very strong B. the animals are very dangerous
C. the animals are very interesting D. the animals are very funny
( )45. Who are the main readers?
A. Visitors. B. Scientists. C. Babies. D. Animal trainers.
Miss Green was going to give a speech on Monday afternoon. But on Sunday night she was told that she had to go to an important meeting the next day at the same time. “No one can be in two places at the same time. What shall I do?” she thought. But soon, she had an idea.
At five to three on Monday afternoon Miss Green went to the classroom. There were about twenty students waiting there for her. “I’m sorry,” she told them, “I won’t be able to give my speech today.” The students looked surprised. Miss Green explained that she had an important meeting. “However,” she went on, “though I can’t be with you myself, my voice can.” Then she put a small tape recorder(录音机) on the desk. “You see, I’ve recorded my speech and you can listen to it without me.” Miss Green turned on the recorder and left.
The meeting finished a little early. Miss Green decided to go back to her students. She stood for a moment outside the classroom, listening to her own voice. Then very quickly, she opened the door. To her surprise, the room was empty. As she looked around, she saw a number of small recorders--all “listening” to her speech!
“Well,” she thought, “if I can be in two places at the same time, why can’t they?”
( )46. The students were surprised to know Miss Green _____________.
A. had recorded her voice B. had brought a tape recorder
C. couldn’t give them the speech D. had an important meeting to attend
( )47. Miss Green stood for a moment outside the room because
A.she wanted to listen to her own voice
B.she wanted to give her students a surprise
C. she wanted to find out how the students was listening to her speech
D. she wanted to catch the naughty students
( )48. When she returned from the meeting, Miss Green found _____________.
A. the classroom was full of students
B. some students were recording her speech
C. all her students were listening to her speech
D. her students had left some recorders to record her speech
( ) 49. Miss Green thought it was _____________.
A. not polite of her students to record her speech
B. kind of her students to leave so many recorders
C. all right for her students to do the same as she did
D. wrong for her students to be absent from the speech
( )50. What do you think of Miss Green?
A. She is kind but lazy. B. She is impatient and unfriendly..
C. She is nice but forgetful. D. She is thoughtful and understanding.
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