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第一部分 听力
1. W: How do you think we will travel in the future, by train or by plane
M: I hope I can travel by spaceship. It must be exciting. I can’t wait.
2. M: I think there will be less pollution in the future.
W: I agree with you.
3. M: Did you watch the talent show last night, Jane
W: Yes, I did. It was fun.
4. M: Where will you go
W: I would like to buy some school things in the store next to the post office. Can you go with me
M: OK.
5. W: Can you play tennis with me after school
M: Well, I will have to write a letter to my uncle.
W: Why don’t you send him an e-mail
M: I’d like to, but he doesn’t have a computer.
W:Excuse me, Doctor Clark. I don’t feel well these days. I often feel tired. I have to rest every five minutes when I’m walking in the street.
M: Do you have a good breakfast
W: Yes. I have milk and bread.
M: Milk and bread I think it is not bad for breakfast. Then,what time do you get up and go to bed
W: I usually get up at 7:00 and go to bed at about 22: 00.
M: I think nothing is wrong with you,but you should take enough exercise.
M: Shall we eat out today
W: Well, I’d like some home cooking. What do we have now
M: We have some eggs and some onions.
W: Great. And we need some carrots, too.
M: OK. I’ll go to the supermarket later.
W: It’s nice of you. Is there any salt
M: Yes, there’s some salt and milk.
W: Oh no!
M: What’s the matter
W: I want some apples and bananas for the fruit salad but there aren’t any now.
M: It doesn’t matter. We still have some oranges.
Hello, I’m Tina. I like singing very much and I want to be a famous singer. I just won the TV show held in London. I’m going to have a party tonight with some other singers. Then I’m going to have a short holiday here in London.
My song is a pop song. My sister wrote the words and my brother made music for it. They are going back to my hometown the day after tomorrow, and we are going to have a picnic next week when I get back home.
Er, I’m not going to leave school. My brother and sister say they’re going to write more songs for me and I’m going to sing their songs. Let’s hope my singing is improving.
第一部分 听力 (共两节,15小题,满分30分)
1-5 AACBC 6-11 CBBACB 12-15 AABB
第二部分 阅读理解 (共20小题,满分40分)
16-20 BABCA 21-25 DCCDC 26-30 ABBCA 31-35CAEDB
第三部分 英语知识运用 (共25小题,满分25分)
第一节 完形填空 (共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
36-40 CCDAD 41-45 CBCBD 46-50 DCABA
第二节 语法填空 (共10小题,计10分)
51-55 playing; and; was; player; a
56-60 careless; badly; made; said; never
第四部分:写作(共二节, 满分25分)
单词拼写 (共10小题,计10分)
61-65 traditional; quietly; less; fell; machine;
66-70 fresh; autumn; During; improving; happened;
第二节 书面表达(共1题, 满分15分)
One possible version:
My Life in Ten Years
In ten years, I think I’m going to be a teacher. As a teacher, I’ll meet lots of interesting kids. What’s more, I will open my students’ eyes to outside world and give them a good start in life.Also, I’ll be a friend of my students’.
I think I will live in Beijing. Because I went to Beijing last year,and fell in love with it. And I think I will live in a big house with my best friend because I don’t like living alone.
Playing basketball is my hobby. So I’m going to keep on playing it in my free time to keep healthy and have fun.
To be a teacher is my dream. To achieve it, I am going to study harder from now on. I’ll try my best to face any difficulty in my study and make my dream come true, because I know nothing is impossible if I put my heart into it.
第二档(较差):(6分一4 分)未能恰当完成试题规定的任务。
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