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二、单项选择(共15小题, 每题1分,计15分)
( )21. What ____________useful book! And ____________ book is popular with students.
A. a, a B. an, a C. an, the D. a, the
( )22. I think Dream it possible is_________ of all the songs this year.
A. much more popular B. most popular C. more popular D. the most popular
( ) 23. We try to spend _________ money doing ___________ things.
A. fewer; good B . fewer; better C . more; better D. less; better
( ) 24. Amy had a birthday party last Sunday and she invited us _______ it .
A. to have B. to join in C. to join D. to take part
( )25. He worked___________,but he felt __________.
A.hard,happy B.hardly, happily C.hard,happily D. hardly, happy ( ) 26. Peter’s drawing isn’t______________ Sandy’s.
A. as more beautiful as B. as much beautiful as C. as beautiful so D. so beautiful as
( ) 27. A: Are there any tomatoes in the fridge B: _____ .
A: What’s in the fridge then B: _______
A Nothing , None B None , None C None , Nothing D Nothing , Nothing
( ) 28. On July 21, 2012, seventy-nine people died in Beijing ________ the heavy rain.
A. because B. since C. by D. because of
( )29. My father was reading newspapers_______ my mother w
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