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( )21.You can talk ______ Mr. Brown ______ more information.
A.at;with B.to;with C.at;for D.to;for
( )22.My math is not good. Can you ______ me _______ it, Mike?
A.help; with B.help; to C.ask; for D.ask; at
( )23.— _____________?
— The violin club.
A.What color do you like B.What club do you want to join
C.What can you do D.What’s your favorite subject
( )24.My sister likes singing, but she can’t sing _____.
A.good B.nice C.fine D.well
( )25.— Can your sister play the piano?
— _________. But she can play the guitar.
A.Yes, she can B.No, she can’t C.Yes, she does D.No, she doesn’t
( )26.—What can Ou Hao do?
A.He wants to join our club B.He can sing and dance
C.He plays basketball well D.He likes soccer very much
( )27.Gina can play the piano. I can ______ play the piano.
A.too B.also C.very D.so
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