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Ⅰ. 单项选择。(15分)
( )21. —_____ is your mother’s birthday
—April 8th.
A. How B. When C. Who D. What
( )22. —Do you enjoy _____ music
—Of course I do.
A. listening B. listen to C. listening to D. to listen to
( )23. There are ___ floors in my house and my bedroom is on the ___floor.
A. four; two B. fourth; second C. four; second D. fourth; two
( )24. —_____ is it
—It’s a circle.
A. What kind B. What color C. What time D. What shape
( )25. Tom was born _____ London _____ May 1st, 1989.
A. in; in B. in; on C. on; in D. on; on
( )26. She couldn’t sing English songs _____.
A. for two years B. in two years C. two years ago D. over two years
( )27. —Jane, where is the gym, please
A. Thank you very much. B. I don’t know, either.
C. This way, please. D. Oh, what did you say
( )28. —Did you buy a birthday cake yesterday
—No, I didn’t. I _____ one_____ hand.
A. make; with B. make; by C. made; by D. made; with
( )29. —_____ was the tea party last week
—It was very nice.
A. How B. What C. When D. Where
( )30. Alice likes playing _____ piano and she also likes playing _____ soccer.
A. the; the B. /; / C. /; the D. the; /
( )31. —Who went to the park with you yesterday
—Li Lei _____.
A. does B. did C. was D. do
( )32. —There is _____ with my bike. I must ask Uncle
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