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Doctors tell us that holidays are important. we should have a (21)from work for a week or two weeks every year. If it is possible,we should ( 22 )our homes and go to another (2 3 )of the country. We should go away for ( 24 ).Then, after the holidays, we will be ( 25 )and get ready for ( 26 )again.
But some people do not want to leave their homes to ( 27 )in other places. They do not like a sudden change in their lives. They think their ( 28 )are best of all. And some people can have a rest in ( 29 )way. They can go to visit their friends. They can have a ( 30 )holidays together.
( )21 A rest B meeting C time D talk
( )22 A stay B leave C go D come
( )23 A cities B towns C villages D part
( )24 A work B study C holidays D cooking
( )25 A better B heathy C bad D best
( )26 A work B sports C study D play
( )27 A go B come C stay D reach
( )28 A work B homes C room D house
( )29 A one B other C another D others
( )30 A better B best C well D good
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