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1.What’s _____ phone number
A. he B .him C. his D.he’s
2.Your father’s sister is your _____.
A. mother B. aunt C. cousin D. sister
3.Is this your pencil _____
?A.Yes,it isn’t. ? ? B. No,it is.? ? ?C. No, it isn’t.?D. No, it doesn’t .
4.Are your keys in your drawer
No, they .
A.are B.aren’t C.they’re D.be
5.Where are your classmates
They are the classroom.
A.on B.at C. in D. for
6. you like hamburgers?
A .Are B. Do C. Does D. Is
7.Does he a computer
Yes, he does.
A. has B. have C. like D. likes
8.Do you have a TV
Yes, I __________.
A. am B. have C. do D. like
9. Let’s play soccer, Jill.
That __________ boring.
A. sound B. is sound C. sounds D. sound is
10.How much ________ these blue socks
A. is B.are C. do D. have
11. The red sweater ______ 10 dollars.
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