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2018-2019学年度上学期期末考试六年级试卷 英语 总分 题号 l三四五大七人九+ 得分 Listening& speaking听说部分(40分) 、听录音,选出你所听到的单词或短语,从AB、C三个选项中选择合适的图 片,并将其序号填入题前括号内。(5×2′=10).:·, B ()2.A B C B 4.A B C.≈ 书店 ()5.A. B h 六年级英语·共6‘页-1 回回 二听句子,根据你所听到的句子从A、B、C三个选项中选择能够体现句子内容 的图片并将图片序号填在题前括号内。(5×2=10) 停 c )7.A B. ( A B c 4 8! ()9.A 时B. C. ():10.A B C 三、听问句,选答语。下面你将听到五个问句请根据问句内容从A、B、C三个选 项中选择合适的答语,并将序号填入题前括号内。(5×210) )11.A I' m going to see a film. B Next Tuesday. C To the bookstore. ()12. A. No, she isn't B Yes. he is.:: C Yes. he does. ()13. A. She is a teacher B. She e goes to wo ork by bus C. He goes to work by bike ( )14.A. You should take a deep breath.. B You should see a do 六年级英语·共6页-2 回回 日日日口口口 C. You should wear war B P slow down and stop )15.A. Let's nd wait. 四、听对话选答语。下面你将听到五段对话和五个问句请根据对话内容从A、 C. We B、℃三个选项中选择合适的答语,并将序号填入题前括号内。(5×2′=10) C On foot.. 16. By tral B By C. To the libr )17. A To the hospital B To the cinema. B At a far G: at a university. )18.A In a fact hospital ) 19.A.He is doctor B He go He should see a doctor. :”, C Yes, she does. s (:)20.A. No, she doesn't B No, she isn t 五、按要求完成下列语音题。(5×1’=5)分) Reading& Writing笔试部分(60 21用“一”标出句中失去爆破的地方。 的x时 It’ s a good da 2.“∥"标出句中停顿的地方。( 它 There is a pencil, two erasers and some books on my desk 23用“口、口”标出句子的重音。 My mother is a teacher. 24用“标出可以连读的地方。 It is, a cup of tea.::, 25用“、”或ν/标出句子的正确语调。 Come here, please 六按要求写出下列单词。(10×1=10 26.we(名词性物主代词) 31it(复数) 六年级英语·共6页-3 回回 32. watered(原形 形式) 33. wont 完整的形式) 28 using(原形), 34sta(第三人称单数) 29 businessman(对应词) 30.um(形容词):350bie原形) 七选择合适的答案,并将其序号填在题前括号内。(5×1’=5)三 ght? 36 Does Sarah often C. Ado o.) iB doing loing kung )37. Lily c like, like A. like B likes, likes dinner at ho ry day, Mike? )38.Who cook C c cooKs A cookie 39.Don' t:('w.I won t sit on you::.22-tA A. B wor C worrying (..)40.The man the most beautiful flower can have my money A have C with 八看图,补全句子每空一词。(5×2=10”) 典 43 45 e-g a postcard in the .with her aunt 42. My brother is going to buy this evening. One is for him one Is for me 43.If you like helping people, you' can be a every weekend 45. My father is a 六年级英语·共6页-4- 回回 日日日口口口 九按要求完成句子。(5×1′=5) 46. The zoo is in front of the park.(对划线部分提问) 47M ter wants to work ce(对划线部分提间 48. There is a 改为一般疑问句 It's red Can ?(作否定回答) 50. Mike is going to buy a word book this aftermoon(对划线部分提问) 十、将下列句子用数字(1~6,6已给出)重新排序,使它们构成一篇完整的对话。 5×′=5) ([)51. My mother is a TV reporter. What about yours, us (0)52. Yes, she likes dancing very much. Maybe they can dance together ((S)53.Good idea! How does she go to work every day? (()54.Hi, Alice! What does your mother do ( 6)* She goes to 十-把下列句子译成汉语。(5×1=5)的 )55. She is a dancer. Does your mother 56. He has a very healthy life. 57. Robin teaches students to make robots. eyre from my cousin in the USA:,: 59. I want to send it today. 60.It's half price then 六年级英语·共6页.-5- 回回 日日日口口口 十二、根据短文内容,完成下列各题。(5×2=10) It,'s a cloudy morning. In the morning Amy gets up at seven then she goes to the park with her parents. They are happy and excited. On their way to the park. Amy sees a poor dog lying( g)on the road. She walks to it and finds it is ill. They are all wor- ried. What should they do? Finally they take it to the pet hospital and the doctor says that there is nothing serious(严重的) with it. In the afternoon the owner(主人)of the dog finds them and thanks them. They are happy again )61.What's the weater like today 点 Ccloudy a rainy ::B. snowy ()62. Where do amy's family8o?,s3信”出其, ATo the zoo B To the school C. To the park he road? (.)63. How do they feel when they find a dog lying: A rme B happy C. angry )64. How do they feel at the end C. worried A )65. Is there anything serious with the dog? A.Yes, there is. B No, there isn't. C Yes, it, is.J 三、书面表达。(5分) 请介绍一下你和家人的爱好,职业以及未来的打算吧! 要求:条理清楚意思连贯语句通顺书写清楚规范。 2体现提示的信息,适当发挥想象,不少于8句话。 3文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称 Hi. I'm Lisa 六年级英语·共6页-6 回回 小学英语 一、 1-5 BACBC 6-10 ACBAB 二、 11-15 AACAB 三、 16-20 BACBC 四、 21-25 FTTFF 五、 26-30 CABAC 六、 31-35 ACBCA 七、 36-40 ACBAC 八、 41-45 CBABC 九 46.Go straight 47.angry worried 48.older than 49.stayed home 50.bought gifts 十、51.mine 52.fifth 53.tomatoes 54.took 55.am going to/will draw 十一、56.Does he like doing word puzzles? 57. What does your aunt do?/What’s your aunt? 58.What size are your shoes? 59.I didn’t ride a bike yesterday? 60.I cleaned the room and washed my clothes on Saterday 十二、61-70 J F D C E H A G I B 十三 71. 我必须注意交通灯。 72. 他在海上工作。 73.以前,我很安静。现在,我在课堂上很活跃。 74.在音乐课上我弹钢琴或者唱歌。 75. 迈克在农场做了什么? 十四、老师批阅时可根据以下标准酌情判分: 字迹工整,书写规范 1分; 每用到所给的一个短语得1分; 文章中心突出,语句通顺得1分; 每个句子时态不对扣0.5分; 出现真实的校名扣0.5分。
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