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听力部分20 分
I. Listen and choose what you hear. Each sentence will be read only once.
听句子,选出你所听到的内容,句子仅读一遍。(5 分)
1. A. March B. May C. might
2. A. grains B. trains C. brains
3. A. well B. will C. wall
4. A. transport B. translated C. chance
5. A. fate B. fair C. fear
II. Listen and choose the best response. Each sentence will be read only once.
听句子,选出最佳答案,句子仅读一遍。(5 分)
6. A. Thank you! B. You’re right C. Sounds great!
7. A. Yes, he is. B. Sorry, I won’t. C. No kidding.
8. A. Who knows B. Let me help you. C. Told you it’s broken.
9. A. He drives me crazy. B. Mind your own business! C. He failed the test.
10. A. Never mind. B. So careless. C. You’re welcome.
III. Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions. Each dialogue will be read only once.
听句子,选出你所听到的内容,句子仅读一遍。(5 分)
11. A. In her bag. B. On the table. C. In Lisa’s bag.
12. A. It’s great. B. It’s noisy. C. It’s full of people.
13. A. Her wallet is lost. B. She leaves Lisa alone. C. She forgets to take the wallet with her.
14. A. At 8:30. B. At 9:00. C. At 8:45.
15. A. By train. B. By bike. C. We don’t know.
IV. Listen to the passage and fill in the mind map. The passage will be read twice.
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