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一、语音。(10%) ( 判断下列每组单词中划线部分共有几种读音,如有一种,填写“1”,有两种,填写“2”,有三种,填写“3”,有四种,填写“4”。)
1. ( ) A. tail B. paint C. rail D. point
2. ( ) A. theirs B. father C. pork D. other
3. ( ) A. thick B. these C. mouth D. clothes
4. ( ) A. see B. heel C. coffee D. meet
5. ( ) A. word B. horse C. sport D. short
6. ( ) A.ear B. pear C. lead D. feather
7. ( ) A. house B. count C. around D. shout
8. ( ) A.tie B. bite C.pie D. dive
9. ( ) A. happy B. whose C. where D. how
10. ( ) A .night B .right C. high D.fly
( )11. Lucy and Lily China next week.
A. is visit B. are visiting C. visit D. visits
( )12. There are five and two in the room.
A. Japanese, Germen B. Japaneses, Germen C. Japanese, Germans
( )13.—How do you go to work? —I usually go to work .
A. by a car B. in a taxi C. on a car D. by cars
( )14. the money, she wants to buy a new coat her mother.21cnjy.com
A. With, for B. With, to C. For, with D. To, with
( )15. It is a good time .
A. sing B. to sing C. singing D. sang

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