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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 小升初英语专项练习—补全答语 一、补全答语(练习1) (Mike and Sarah are making a telephone call. ) Mike:1. Is that Sarah? Sarah:Yes,this is Sarah. 2. Mike:I'm watching TV. What are you doing? And how is everybody doing? A. And my brother is playing games with my sister. B. What do you do on the weekend? C. Hello,this is Mike. D. Do you want to go to the nature park? E. What are you doing,Mike? Sarah:Just fine. I'm reading a book. My father is listening to music in the study. My mother is cleaning the room. 3. Mike:4. Sarah:I climb mountains and go shopping. Mike:5. Sarah:Sure. What time? Mike:At 2:30. Sarah:OK,see you later. Bye. Mike:Bye! A. Because I can swim in the river. I like winter best. My favourite season is spring. Which season do you like best,Wu Yifan? Because I can make a snowman. 二、补全答语(练习2) Amy:Which season do you like best, Tom ? Tom:1. Amy:Why do,you like winter? Tom:2. I can play with snow. Amy:I don't like winter. It's too cold. 3. Wu Yifan:I like summer best. 4. I like going swimming. What's your favourite season,Amy? Amy:5. Wu Yifan:Why do you like it ? Amy:Because it's sunny and warm. I can paint some pictures in spring. I can go to the park.I like to fly a kite. 三、补全答语(练习3) A:Hello. This is Amy. Who is that ? B:Hello. This is Tom.1. A:I'm listening to music.2. B:I'm reading a book. Where is your mother? What are you doing? What about you? Is your brother reading a book, too? What's she doing? A:3. B:No, he isn't. He's playing. A:4. B:She's in the kitchen. A:5. B:She's cooking. 四、补全答语(练习4) A. Take turns, please! B. They are gorillas. C. Talk quietly. D. What's the weather like today? E. What is it doing? Sam: Hi, Mum.1. Mum: It's sunny and warm. Sam: Mum, let's go to the zoo, OK? Mum: OK! Sam: Wow! So many animals! Let's go quickly! Mum: Sam! 2. Sam: OK, Mum. Look at this. What is it ? Mum: It's a koala. Sam: 3. Mum: It's sleeping. Shh! 4. Sam: Oh, it looks so funny! What are those? Mum: 5. Sam: They are big and strong. A. Nice to meet you,too. B. Thank you! C. This is my friend,Tom . D. Do you like apples,Tom ? E. Can I have some strawberries? 五、补全答语(练习5) Tom:Who's that man ? Amy:He's my father. Hi,Dad. 1. Dad:Nice to meet you. Tom:2. Dad:Come here,children. Have some fruit. 3. Tom:Sorry,I don't like apples. 4. Dad:Sure,here you are. Tom:5. 六、补全答语(练习6) A. How much is it? B. Of course. Here you are. C. Can I help you? D. What's the weather like? E. What time is it? Kate:1. Mike:It's sunny. Kate:2. Mike:Oh,it's 4 o'clock. Kate:It's time to go shopping. (Now Kate is in the shop. ) Mary:3. Kate:Yes. This skirt is nice. Can I try it on? Mary:4 Kate:Oh. It's nice. 5. Mary:It's 50 yuan. Kate:I'll take it. A.You're welcome. B.You can take the No.51 bus to get there. C.Excuse me. D.Can I go on foot ? E.It's next to the park on Xinhua Street. 七、补全答语(练习7) A:1. B:Yes ? Can I help you ? A:Where is the post office ? B:2. A:How can I get there ? B:3 . Then get off at the park.You'll find the post office. A:4. B:Sure,if you like.But it's very far. A:Thank you. B: 5. 八、补全答语(练习8) A. What are you going to do? B. Have a good day! C. What did you do last Sunday? D. What happened? E. How can you get there? A:Hello,Tom! 1. B:I stayed at home all day and slept. A:2. B:I had a toothache. A:I'm sorry to hear that. Do you feel better now? B:Yes,I'm OK now. 3. A:Were going to the park. Would you like to join us? B:Sorry. I have to do my homework. 4. A:I can get there by bike. B:5. A:Thank you. 九、补全答语(练习9) (Tom is a bus conductor. A TV journalist is interviewing him. ) Journalist:Welcome to our show. Tom:Thank you. Journalist:What's your job? A. Yes,I do. B. When do you get up every day? C. What do you do on the bus? D. What does your father do? E. I’m a bus conductor. Tom:1. Journalist:Do you like your job? Tom:2. Journalist:What does your mother do? Tom:She's a teacher. Journalist:3. Tom:He's a police officer. Journalist:Could you please tell us about your day? 4. Tom:At about 4:50. Journalist:5. Tom:I sell the tickets,of course. I read news to passengers and give weather reports,too. Journalist:Thank you for coming to our show. 十、补全答语(练习10) Amy:Hi,John ! Did you stay at home last Sunday ? John:1. I visited my grandparents in the countryside. And there was a big river near their house. A. Yes,I am. B. Did you go fishing? C. No,I didn't. D. I didn't like fishing. E. What did you do there? Amy:2. John:No,I didn't. 3. Amy:4. John:I went boating with my grandpa. It was fun. Amy:Really ? Are you going there next Sunday ? John 5. 十一、补全答语(练习11) (Amy is in a shoe store. ) Salesperson:Good morning,little girl. 1. A. Can I help you? B. OK ! Thank you! C. How do you like them? D. Sorry,I don't like white. E. What size are your shoes? Amy:Yes,please. I'd like a pair of shoes. Salesperson:2. Amy:Size 35. Salesperson:OK. How about this white pair? Amy:3. Do you have any other colours ? Salesperson:What colour do you like? Amy:I like pink. Salesperson:This pair is pink. Here you are. Amy:4. They are just right. I'll take them. 十二、补全答语(练习12) (Tom and John are talking about their last weekend. ) A. Where did you go ? B. You had a bad but also a good weekend ! C. How was your weekend ? D. Did you go with your parents ? E. What did you do then ? John:Hi,Tom. 1. Tom:It was fun. I fed animals and read to them. John:Read to animals ? Amazing! 2. Tom:I went to the countryside. John:That's cool ! 3. Tom:No. I stayed with my friend. How about you ? John:I took a trip. But my mum ate bad fruit,so we just stayed at the hotel. Tom:Sorry to hear that. 4. John:We made a funny play. So she felt better. Tom:5. 十三、补全答语(练习13) A:1. B:Yes,it's Monday. A:2. B:We have maths,science,music and PE on Mondays. A:3. B:Yes,I like Mondays. Because we have music on Mondays. A:4. B:I do my homework on Saturdays. 5. A:Yes. First I do my homework,and then I play sports with my friends. A. What time is it ? B. Is it Monday today ? C. Do you like Mondays ? D. What about you ? E. Do you do your homework on Saturdays,too ? F. What do you have on Mondays ? G. What do you do on Saturdays ? 十四、补全答语(练习14) A:Let's play tennis. B:1. But I don't have a tennis racket. Do you have one? A. He's in his bedroom B. Let's play basketball. C. Good idea. D. Good. Where is it? E. Do you have a tennis racket? F. That sounds boring G. Let's play soccer A:No,I don't. But I have a soccer ball. 2. B:No, 3. Let's play ping-pong. I have a ping-pong bat? A:4. B:It's in my backpack. Do you have a bat? A:No,I don't. But my brother has a bat and a ball. B:Good. Where is he? A:5. 十五、补全答语(练习15) A:I want to spend my holiday in Qingdao. Have you ever been there? B:1. A:Do you like the city? B:Yes,I like the city very much. 2. A:3. B:The city is beautiful. The people are kind and the beach in Qingdao is clean. A:Is it hot there in summer? B:No,not very hot. You may have a swim in the sea. A:How cool ! 4. B:I'm sure you will have fun there. A:5. B:Sorry,I have no time. A:What a pity! A. Swimming in the sea must be wonderful than in the river. B. Would you like to go with me? C. Yes,I have been there many times. D. I'd love to. E. She's becoming one of the most modern cities in the world. F. What do you think of the city? G. What about you? 小升初英语专项练习—补全答语(答案) 一、补全答语(练习1):CEABD 二、补全答语(练习2):BEDAC 三、补全答语(练习3):BCDAE 四、补全答语(练习4):DCEAB 五、补全答语(练习5):CADEB 六、补全答语(练习6):DECBA 七、补全答语(练习7):CEBDA 八、补全答语(练习8):CDAEB 九、补全答语(练习9):EADBC 十、补全答语(练习10):CBDEA 十一、补全答语(练习11):AEDB 十二、补全答语(练习12):CADEB 十三、补全答语(练习13):BFCGE 十四、补全答语(练习14):CGFDA 十五、补全答语(练习15):CAFEB 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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