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We may be only three weeks into December, but artist Jonnie Hartman has been in the holiday spirit for months, designing and building the Grand America Holiday Window Stroll.
The goal with each window stroll is to create playful and uplifting displays (展示), according to Hartman. “I really try to do something lighthearted, something whimsical, that is, something everyone can connect with and maybe not see every day in the real world,” Hartman said.
She designs all of the window displays by hand, starting with pencil sketches, then illustrating the designs on her computer and sending parts of the drawings to be printed. From there, Hartman works with a team of five people to build the displays, creating, sewing and embellishing (润色) many elements by hand.
However, a challenge Hartman has faced over the years as she has designed the displays is making sure all of the measurements are right for elements to fit inside the windows.
“When I was in college, I was an art major, and I thought, ‘I don’t need math. I will never use it. I’m an artist,’ and guess what, it’s the most important thing that I use, ‘‘Hartman said. “If I don’t get that right, then the windows don’t fit, the pieces don’t come together and it just doesn’t work out.”
The holiday window stroll gives Hartman a unique opportunity to hear feedback from those who observe her creations, which is something she doesn’t always get to experience with her other artworks. She said it’s fun to hear people’s reactions as they go through the holiday window stroll.
“It just makes me happy that I can kind of set the tone for people’s holiday season and just maybe bring a smile to their face,” Hartman said.
21.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “whimsical” in Paragraph 2
A. Serious. B. Exciting.
C. Unusual. D. Ordinary.
22.What challenges Hartman most in designing the displays
A. The pattern. B. The fit. C. The colour. D. The teamwork.
23.What does Hartman think about math now
A. She values it very much. B. She still thinks it’s useless.
C. It is a piece of cake for her. D. It’s not suitable for her to learn.
24.Why is the holiday window stroll unique for Hartman
A. It just can make her happy.
B. She has a chance to create by hand.
C. It can help improve her other artworks.
D. She can get some remarks from the viewers.
Students and Technology in the Classroom
I live my blackberry—it’s my little connection to be larger world that can go anywhere with me. I also love my laptop computer, as it holds all of my writing and thoughts. Despite this love of technology, I know that there are times when I need to move away from these devices(设备)and truly communicate with others.
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