[ID:4-5663197] 天津市南开区2019届高三下学期一模考试英语试题(无听力试题)
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1.— ! Somebody has left the lab door open.
— Don’t look at me.
A. Hi, there B. Dear me C. Thank goodness D. Come on
2.A quick review of successes and failures at the end of year will help your year ahead.
A. sharpen B. switch C. stretch D. shape
3.For all the failure of his business, he remains optimistic and untroubled by his problems.
A. hopefully B. seemingly C. rarely D. frequently
4.In this article, you need to back up general statements with examples.
A. specific B. permanent C. abstract D. universal
5.There was never any time for Kate to feel lonely, she was an only child.
A. ever since B. now that C. even though D. as though
6.You can ask anyone for help. here is willing to lend you a hand.
A. Everyone B. No one C. One D. Someone
7.Bob was trying to that he knew the famous singer who would perform in our city.
A. let out B. lay out C. figure out D. make out
8.It was the belief he could find his “root” in Africa made Alex decide to go to Gambia.
A. that; where B. where; that C. that; that D. how; which
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