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Copenhagen Destination Guide
The modern city of Copenhagen combines the best of European cafe culture and Scandinavian architecture. It’s charming and compact with lots of local history to dive into. Although spending time in Copenhagen can become expensive, there are many ways to experience the city on a budget as well.
Copenhagen is one of the world’s best cycling cities. To see the city with ease, rent a bike or take a small group tour to see the sights, including the Little Mermaid, the island of Amager and the community of Christiania. You can also take a canal boat tour to see the city from a unique view. The Tivoli Gardens offer a sense of love in the evenings. There are some excellent museums to explore. Be sure to add the Museum of Art and Design to your travel plan.
Kastrup Airport is the first destination for most visitors. It typically takes less than 15 minutes to get from the airport to the city center by train, so all the visitors prefer this way to travel between the two places. Canal boat tours are the easiest way to see the city’s attractions. Cycling is the fastest and most flexible way to get around, and it’s a refreshingly pedestrian-friendly city as well.
●Find local sandwich shops to eat like the locals do and give your wallet a break.
●Museum lovers should have a Copenhagen Card, which provides free entrance to about 60 museums and many other attractions too.
●Consider visiting Copenhagen in the autumn, when it’s a little cold but accommodations become much cheaper than those in the summer.
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21. Which place is the most suitable for lovers to go on a date
A. The Tivoli Gardens.
B. The Little Mermaid.
C. The community of Christiania.
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