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Sydney Trains is one of the most economical, reliable and convenient ways to travel throughout Sydney and its surroundings. 2-1-c-n-j-y
Our network, the NSW Trains Intercity, covers suburban Sydney and extends to the Hunter, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and South Coast regions.
The network is made up of several color-coded lines. Trains from different lines can share the same platform, so check display screen and listen to announcements.21*cnjy*com
Ticket prices are generally based on the distance traveled. You can visit Transportnsw. Info for details.21-cnjy*com
Getting to the City.
In Sydney, if you’re near a train station, you’re on your way to the city. Every rail line leads directly or indirectly to the City Circle. It’s the loop around the central business district of Sydney. Most City stations are underground so look out for the sign on street level.
Automatic ticket gates.
Large stations have automatic gates for entry to, and exit from, the station. If you have an Opal card or a ticket which has a magnetic stripe you must use the automatic gates. You may use the wide gate for wheelchair, pram or luggage access. Station staff will assist you.
Night Ride buses.
Most trains do not operate between midnight and 4:00 a.m. For your convenience a special Night Ride bus service is available between these hours on most Sydney suburban lines.
Track work.
In order for the tracks to be maintained,
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