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If you’ve never travelled abroad, looking for a fun destination as your next vacation can be tough. What’s the food like? What attractions can I find? How do I get around? Don’t settle for just any city—it’s important that your getaway suits all of your needs. 
Our top suggestion: London, UK. A new study by WeekenGO, an online weekend getaway portal and app, shows England’s capital has been ranked the best city to spend the weekend, especially for film fans. According to the study, Berlin, Germany was the most recommended destination for millennials, while Vienna, Austria took the top spot for vacationing families. Zurich, Switzerland was also voted the best destination for baby boomers.
Each city in WeekenGO’s Top 100 was graded using a number of categories, including ease of finding accommodations, cultural events, number of green spaces, and safety. Check out the best cities in the world for every type of traveler below:
For those who love to stroll: Graz, Austria ranks as the world’s most walkable city.
For nature lovers: Stuttgart, Germany ranks No. 1 for most green spaces.
For fussy travelers: Rome, Italy has the most accommodation options.
For the party crowd: Shanghai, China ranks No. 1 for club options.
For curious travelers: Vancouver, Canada ranks No. 1 for the most cu
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