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Looney Tunes Carnival
Free Looney Tunes Umbrella
Receive a limited edition Looney Tunes umbrella with a minimum spend of $ 100 (single or accumulated same-day receipts) at our participating malls (商场) from now till 27th March, 2018.
Looney Tunes Merchandise Fair
Mall Compass Point Date:
12-27th March
Location (位置)
POPULAR Bookstore, Main Atrium
Easter celebration at POPULAR Bookstore!
Shoppers who purchase $ 15 worth of Warner Bros. Books and stationery at POPULAR are entitled to a FREE participation in any one of the following activities from 25 till 27th March. So come to Compass Point fast!
Activities in store for you
Bugs’ Creative Class
(1st session: 3pm & 2nd session: 3:30 pm)
Twist and turn a balloon into a piece of art! So kids, get ready for the twist! Limited to 15 children per session.
Paint a Bunny Easter Egg
(1st session: 5pm & 2nd session: 5:30 pm)
Easter is the time to have extraordinary fun with eggs! Kids, get your hands ready to create works of Easter art on an egg canvas (帆布). Limited to 25 children per session.
Kids Squad Club
Become a Kids Squad member for just $ 12 for a one-year membership. Receive a goodie bag worth $ 30. Enjoy quarterly newsletters, birthday treats and special discounts.
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