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II .Grammar and Vocabulary
Section A
I was standing in the checkout line behind a woman who looked to be in __21__ 60s. When it was her turn to pay, the cashier greeted her by name and asked her how she was doing.
The woman looked down, ___22___(shake)her head and said:“Not so good.”My husband just lost his job and my son is up to his old tricks again. The truth is, I don’t know how I’m going to get through the holidays.”
Then she gave the cashier food stamps.
My heart ached. I wanted to help but didn’t know how.(23)______I offer to pay for her groceries or ask for her husband’s resume
As I walked into the parking lot, I saw the women ___(24)(return)her shopping cart. I remembered something in my purse(25)________I thought could help her. It wasn’t a handful of cash or an offer of a job for her husband, but maybe it would make her life better.
My heart pounded as I approached the woman.
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