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2020年1月浙江省普通高校招生选考科目考试英语试题及答案 My other shared this feeling of mine. Now, I think of her as reading so much of the time while doing something else. I remeber her reading a magazine while taking the part of the Wolf in a game of"Little Red Riding Hood"with my brothers two daughters. She'd just ook up at the right time, long enough to answer- in character-"The better to eat you with, my dear, " and go back to her place in the magazine article 21. Which of the following best describes Mrs. Calloway? A. Quiet. B. Strict C. Humorous D. Considerate 22. What do the underlined words"this feeling"refer to in the last paragraph A. Desire to read B. Love for Mrs. Calloway C. Interest in games D. Fear of the library rules 23. Where is the text probably from? A. A guidebook B. An autobiography. C. A news report. I. A book review B Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is road testing a new way to keep winter roads ice-free -by spreading on the cheese brine, the salty liquid used to make soft cheeses, like mozzarella Wisconsin, also called "America's Dairyland, "is famous for its cheese. The state produced 2.8 billion pounds of cheese last year! As a result, there was a lot of leftover cheese brine. Disposing of (i)the brine can be expensive. So what should cheese makers do with the waste? Normally, towns use rock salt to de-ice streets. The salt lowers waters freezing point, causing ice to melt (At 1 ). But using cheese brine could help both cheese producers and cities save money, while keeping roads safe. Cheese brine has salt in it, which, like the rock salt, helps lower waters freezing point
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