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21.Many Chinese brands, __________their reputations over centuries,are facing new challenges from the modern market.
A.having developed B.being developed C. developed D. developing
21. 考查非谓语动词。brands是逻辑主语,和develop是主谓关系,所以用现在分词,表示伴随状况;再根据“over centuries”可知,应该使用现在分词的完成式,故选A。
22. __________not for the support of the teachers,the student could not overcome her difficulty.
A.It were B.Were it C. It was D. Was it
22. 考查虚拟语气的省略。虚拟语气中,be动词统一用were;虚拟语气的省略形式主要是把if省略,同时把were/should/had提前,即Were /Should/ Had I...,故选B。
23.Located_________the Belt meets the Road, Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction.
A.why B.when C.which D.where
23. 考查状语从句。be located in+地点名词,位于......,where引导的地点状语从句在此相当于in some place,故选D。
24.The publication of Great Expectations,which_________both widely reviewed and highly praised,strengthened Dickens’ status as a leading novelist.
A.is B.are C.was D.were
24. 考查定语从句的主谓一致。先行词是Great Expectations,“Great Expectations”是书名,看做单数,所以定语从句的谓语也要使用单数形式;根据“strengthened”可知,“被广泛阅读和得到高度评价”发生在过去,故选C。
25. Working with the medical team in Africa has_________the best in her as a doctor.
A. held out B. brought out C. picked out D. given out

26.We choose this
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