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英 语
第一节 下面你将听到5段短对话。
1. What does the boy’s father do
A. A doctor. B. A teacher. C. A police.
2. Which grade is the new student in
A. Grade 7. B. Grade 8. C. Grade9.
3. What does the woman like for breakfast
A. Noodles. B. Porridge. C. Hamburgers.
4. When does the man like to swim
A. In spring. B. In autumn. C. In summer.
5. Where are Frank’s books
A. On the chair B. On the desk. C. On the bed.
第二节 下面你将听到6段对话或独白。
6.Where has Lily gone
A. To the supermarket. B. To the bookstore. C. To the post office.
7. When will the students start
A. At 7:00 a. m. B. At 8:00 a. m. C. At 9:00 a. m.
8. What should Lily wear
A. Thick sweater. B. New shirt. C. Old clothes.
9. Who does the woman call
A. The police. B. The reporter C. The driver.
10. What color is the woman’s handbag
A. Purple. B. Green. C. White.
11. Where did the woman get off the bus
A. At the Hongshan Square. B. At the East Gate. C. At the Xianjiang Hotel.
12. Who does the girl buy a gift for
A. Her mother. B. Her father. C. Her brother.
13. What does the girl decide to buy
A. A wallet. B. A watch. C. A hat.
14. How much does the girl pay for the gift
A. 10 dollars. B. 15 dollars. C. 20 dollars.
15. When did Mike see a doctor
A. This morning. B. Last night. C. Yesterday.
16. What was the matter with Mike
A. He got a headache. B. He got a toothache. C. He got a fever.
17. What did the doctor ask Mike to do
A. To rest at home. B. To stay in hospital. C. To have an X-ray.
18. How will Liu Mei go to Wuhan this summer
A. By bus. B. By plane. C. By train.
19. How many times has Liu Mei been to Wuhan
A. Once. B. Twice. C. Three times.
20. What will Liu Mei visit in Wuhan this summer
A. The universities. B. The middle schools. C. The primary schools.
21. What did the patients think of Mr. Wang
A. Cool. B. Kind. C. Strict.
22. Where did they spend the vacation
A. In the village. B. In the town. C. In the city.
23. How did they feel on the first day
A. Tired. B. Scary. C. Relaxed.
24. Why did Mr. Wang go to the nearest town
A. To buy the medicine. B. To repair his car. C. To visit his friend.
25. Who came to Mr. Wang half an hour later
A. A policeman. B. An old man. C. A young girl.
1. —She is leaving to take part in the final poem competition.
—I’m proud of her. I wish her a great _________.
A. speed B. method C. pressure D. success
2. —It’s _________ today, isn’t it
—Yes, it is. Let’s enjoy the moon while eating the mooncakes tonight.
A. the Lantern Festival B. the Mid-Autumn Day
C. the Dragon Boat Festival D. the Chinese Spring Festival
3. —What does Huawei’s newest smartphone look like
—It’s wonderful! You can _________ it in half just like closing a book.
A. hand B. pass C. fold D. cut
4. —It’s a good way to study English with a group.
—That’s true. I find it _________ to improve our pronunciation.
A. thankful B. harmful C. helpful D. careful
5. —The sun shines _________.
—We’d better wear our sunglasses to avoid getting sunburned.
A. softly B. hardly C. fast D. brightly
6. —Does the old man have to _________ his wife
—Yes. They have no children to depend on.
A. look after B. look for C. look up D. look like
7. —How strange! You sit in your room _________ for a long time, Li Ming.
—I just want to be quiet for a while. I’m sorry, Dad. I failed the test again.
A. in silence B. in person C. in public D. in fact
8. —Your sister _________ your mother very much.
—Many people regard them as sisters when they hang out together.
A. cares for B. takes after C. helps out D. believes in
9. —Is this Mike’s dictionary
—No, it’s mine. The thick one on the desk is _________.
A. his B. yours C. hers D. theirs
10. —Is Dongjin High-speed Railway Station the _________ largest in Hubei Province
—Yes, of course. It’s just a little smaller than the largest one in Wuhan.
A. first B. second C. third D. fourth
11. —The driver _________ be hurt badly in the accident.
—That’s true. Let’s send him to the hospital as soon as possible.
A. need B. can’t C. must D. may not
12. —Who runs _________ in your class
—Tom does. None of us can catch him in the race.
A. faster B. slower C. fastest D. slowest
13. —Why won’t we play basketball with Class 4 this afternoon
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