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英语 试题卷
第一部分 听力(共四节,满分30分)
第一节 听句子,选由与所听句子内容相符的图画。听音前你有10秒钟的读题时间,注意听两遍。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)
第二节 根据所听到的句子,选出最恰当的应答语。听音前你有10秒钟的读题时间,注意听两遍。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)
6.A.See you. B.Good afternoon. C.I’m fine.
7.A.Good idea. B.Happy birthday! C.The same to you.
8.A.It doesn’t matter. B.Long time no see. C. Well done.
9.A.Sorry, I don’t. B.Help yourself. C.Yes,please.
10.A.Pretty nice. B.Don’t worry. C.Hurry up.
第三节 听对话及问题,选择最佳答案。听音前你有10秒钟的读题时间,注意听两遍。(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
11. A. On her desk. B. On her bed. C. On her head.
12. A. Chinese. B. English. C. Math.
13. A. His uncle. B. His parents. C. His grandparents.
14. A. 8:30. B. 8:45. C. 9:15.
15. A. By having a good rest
B. By talking with her friend.
C. By giving her friend a gift.
第四节 听短文,根据短文内容回答问题。听音前你有15秒钟的读题时间,注意听三遍共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
16.People should take a nap(午睡) when they feel .
A. Angry B. full C. sleepy
17. They are advantages of taking a nap EXCEPT .
A.remembering things better
B.having a better sleep at night
C.making fewer mistakes
18. According to the passage, it’s best to take a nap for .
A.20-30 minutes B.an hour C.two hours
19. To get fully relaxed while taking a nap you should .
A.sleep for a long time
B.set an alarm clock
C.turn off the alarm clock
20.What can we learn from the passage
A.You’d better take a nap of in your own way in the daytime.
B.A deep sleep instead of a daily nap will lead to tiredness.
C. Keeping looking at a clock will make you stressed during a nap.
第二部分 英语知识运用(共二节,满分25分)
第一节 单项填空
21.The worlds longest cross-sea bridge, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, opened October 24 2018.
A.in B.at C.by D.on
22.—Gina, could you please play the drums on the art festival
— .I can only play the guitar.
A.I’m afraid I can’t
B.Yes. I can
C.Sure. Id love to
D.Not bad
23.—Where did you go last winter vacation
—I to London with my family.
A.go B.have gone C.went D.was going
24. —I will take part in an English writing competition this Sunday. I feel nervous。
— !
A.What a pity. B.Look out C. Congratulations D. Take it easy
25. Tom cannot run as as his friends, so he practices running very hard.
A.Fast B.Faster C.slow D.slower
26. The program, Everlasting Classics, encourages to read more classics.
A.we B.us C.our D.ours
27. we continue to kill elephants for their ivory, we humans will lose them in the end
A.If B.Before C.Until D.Although
28. With the rapid progress in high technology, 5G around most parts of China in the near future.
A.is used B.is using C.will use D.will be used
29. The PLA Navy(中国人民解放军海军) has been greatly helping keep world peace,As a Chinese. I am it.
A.responsible for B.proud of C.full of D.known for
30.— You looked unhappy just now.
—I missed the school bus and arrived late for class.
A.What did you eat for lunch
B.How was your picnic
C.What happened to you
D.How did you go there
31. Yunnan Museum is such an interesting place that many kids have fun
A.Visiting B.to visit C.reading D.to read
32. The of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo(园艺博览会)is“Live Green, Live Better.”
A.symbol B.condition C.theme D.invention
33. In order to take a pleasant trip to Kunming, Dave emailed me to ask
A.what was Kunming most famous for
B.what Kunming was most famous for
C.whether is summer a good time to come
D.whether summer is a good time to come
34. Whenever you need help, just call me. I can come at the drop of a hat.
A.with a hat B.without a hat C.at once D.at a low speed
35.—Did you go to the library with Helen yesterday
—No. I waited and waited but she stood me up at last.
A.stood in a long line B.stood with me
C.didn’t turn me down D.didn’t show up
第二节 完形填空
A small boy was trying to move a big wooden box out of his yard. The box was much 36 than the boy. He tried his best to move it, but the box would not move at all.After 37 for a glass of water, the boy tried to move it once more. This time, he pushed harder,but he still 38 move the box a bit. He was quite tired and lost heart
The boy’s 39 was coming home from work around this time. He stopped to watch his son’s fruitless efforts. The father didn’t help him,_40
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