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第Ⅱ卷(非选择题,共60分) 四任务型阅读(共15小题,计20分) 一)阅读并完成图表,每空一词,(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) “中和包四四mEE四 Sharing the work There, each mother penguin lays just one egg. Then all the hangry mothers mist walk back to the ocean to find food. The father penguins put their eggs on top of their feet, under a special piece of skin called the brood pouch, For two months, the father penguins keep the eggs safe and warm. Antarctica. Most animals leave for warmer places, but the father penguins stay. In this time. without food, a father penguin can lose almost half of his weight. pouch. This can be difficull. If the chick falls, it can freeze quickly, so the penguin parents must be very careful. Once this is done, the father penguin can go back to the ocean to find food Over the next few months. penguin parents take tums to go to the ocean for food. They each make the t make the trip several times, bringing back food for the chick. The chick grows quickly and is always hungry Into the water By December, winter is ending. The chick is five months old and can live on its own. Soon it a few more years. it, too, will start its own family A Penguin 46 Sharing the work "lay an 48 Mother penguin . walk to the ocean to find food egg hatches Father peng Baby pengui out of the egg months to its mother 's 上 peror n Earth and they live Into the wa Growing 52 Baby penguin Baby penguin e on 54 own "return to its birthplace 'need a lot of food "start its own family in a few *take tums to 53 their 55 years 英语试题第6页(共8页) (二)阅读并回答问题,(共5小题,每小题2分,计10分) Have you ever heard the saying "There's no place like home!" This is Just another way of saying that home is a very special place, Our bedroom, our family, our pets, and all of the things we love are at home Is home a place where you can relax and have fun? Is home a place where you get all of your best thinking done? Being at home means different things to different people. As people grow older, home usually represents more responsibility (i 4E) because it needs care inside and Who takes care of all of these things in your home? How do you help out There are many different kinds of homes. Some people live in apartments, condos, or single-family homes. Homes have different rooms that are used for different purposes. The kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room and the bathroom each have their own use. Suppose your house does not have a roof and you are a bird flying over it, what does your house look like? Think about Some people might say that family and food are two of the best parts of being home. At home, you can tell your parents about your day, play with your pets, and grab a snack from the cupboard or fridge. You can relax in your room and read a book or play a game, You can ask friends over t play, Home is a place to take care of and be grateful for. Even though you are young, you can help to make your home a nice place to be. After all, home is where the heart 回答下面5个问题,每题答案不超过5个词 56. What does the saying "There's no place like home!"tell us? 57. Why does home mean more responsibility as people grow older? 58. How many types of rooms are mentioned in Paragraph 3? 59. What are the two best parts of being home according to some people? 60. In your opinion, how can you help to make your home a nice place to be? 五、词汇(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分) 一)根据句意和汉语提示写出单词,完成句子 61. Knowledge is a treasure.. but practice is the▲toi.(钥匙) 62. Follow these small▲ and you can make a big difference to the Earth.(步骤) 63. The temperature in our hometown usually drops▲ zero In winter.(在……以下 64. Tan Dun's music Water, which is full of the sounds of nature, is A listening to. (R) 65 Therere many rocks in unusual shapes--some hang down, and others_ A upwards (RF) (二)根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空 66. Greenhouse gases are_A to the environment(harm) 67. A good neighbour is A than a brother far away. (good) 68. We can't-A judge a book by its cover or its title. (simple) 69. About 300 to 1,000 red-crowned cranes A to Yancheng Nature Reserve every year to spend the winter(nly) 70,A documentary about Yancheng wetlands was shown at the_A Nice Intemational Film Festival (eight) 英语试题第7页(共8页) (三)根据短文、爽边注释及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,使其意思完整 5June,2019 Dear Aunt Grace and Uncle John ell asleep and missed my static In the main b 72 Thank you so much for i 74 me to come and say"thank you"and stay. I loved helping on the farm. Perhaps I w tell the reasons one when I get older. You were k wonderful I have ever s 78 in my life. Mum thinks the dress you b 79 She wishes she had one tool I will never f 80 my lovely holiday with you Mum and Dad send their best wishes voter name 六、书面表达(共1题,计20分) 81.你校将组织英语作文比赛,请根据所给提示,以“ ive a Colourful Life”为题,写一 篇短文参赛 am bow learn enjoy differet 注意事项 1.词数:100词左右(文章开头已给出,不计入总词数) 2.文中不能出现真实姓名、校名等信息 3.文章必须包含所提供的主要信息,并作适当发挥 Live a Colourful Life Life is a gift. We should do what is interesting and meaningful to 英语试题第8页(共8页) 绝密★启用前 盐城市二○一九年初中毕业与升学考试 英语试题 注意事项: 本试卷包舍第1卷选择题(第1-45题),第Ⅱ卷非选择题(第4681题)两部分 2本试卷共8,在检查足否有甲印发体印后苏开答 3.所有试题必须作答在答题十上规定的区城内、注意题号必须对应,否则不给分 密 4.答题前,务必将姓名,准考证芳用05毫米黑色签字笔填写在试卷及答题卡上 第卷(选择题,共60分) 单项选择(共15小题,每小题1分,计15分) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中出一个可以填入句中空白处的最佳答案 L, Yancheng, energetic city, has set up trade relations with lots of countries and areas C the A marathon was held in Yancheng I April, which drew 12,000 runners 3. Each of u A. has a life goal, which will guide us to a bright fut B have C will have D had 4. Size and type do not matter- you do almost anything if you never give up A. should D. can 封 needs one or two close friends to share his happiness and sadness with 6. The number of the people using Huawei D. Everyone A cultures D histories 7.Ive wanted to read Peter Pan for long today I finally borrowed the book from the libra D. since 8. You need not only talent but also hard work to become a football player B, successful C happy 9. Mr Wu keeps- Bto tell his students that the future belongs to the well-educated C ordering order 12 A a82928 4 ay that English is too difficult for us to leam. we can learn it well with efforts o be smart C. will be said D, are said you know Grandma is going to visit us? xt Saturday. She told me on the phone when D. whether 13 cHat makes communication much: casier. We can keep in touch with cach other anytime and anywhere B, I can't agree more, C. What a shame! 14.""means "If lots of people share the work, it will make a job easier to complete". A Burn the candle at both ends B. Every dog has its da C. Many hands make light work DA trend in need is a friend indeed 英语试题第1页(共8页) 5一 me, could you please tell me ure It's on Jianjun Road. A. where can I find the B where I can find the museum C: how far the museum is from here D how far is the museun from here 一读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最住答案 完形填空(共15小题,每小题1分,计15分) The Secret Soldier A young soldier, Robert Shurtliff lay dying in a hospital bed. He was too 16 to speak or move. Two men stood over him. 叫 nk this young man has12 one man said I'lI take his jacket and boots, "said the other Robert gathered all of his strength to-18,"I The doctor came running over as Robert fell into ad as he examined the young soldier. "Oh, my! He's a 述)“ We can_19himn”he It was true. The brave soldier, Robert Shurtliff, was really Deborah Sampson.- who was she? Deborah had grown up in Massachusetts, living as a servant. She 22 of having great adventures(w 1)- 23 the Revolutionary War broke out in 1775. women were not allowed to ty. But Deborah 2 Robert Shurtliff One day. during an attack, Deborah was shot in the neck and 25. Another soldier lifted Deborah onto his horse and rode her to the 26 A doctor treated the wound on her neck and asked if had any other injuries. Deborah lied and said no, She was afraid that if the doctor examined her leg. he would discover her 28 Using a pocket knife, Deborah got the bullet (f9H)out of her own leg. She 29 to fight as a soldier After the war ended, Deborah got married and had children. But she still longed for 30 So she put on her soldier's uniform and travelled around the country telling of her life as the young. brave soldier, Robert Shurtliff. 16.A busy B weak A got up cart B. lost he C. passed away 18.A. whisper B C shout B. kill 20. A soldier B, mother B But 23、A.When B D Since 24.. worked B, dressed D lived 5. A arm B. hand D. stomach 26. A hospi B lbrary C. studio D bedroom 27. A. she D. they 28. A appearance B ability D. secret 9. A. failed C agreed 0. A home D adventure 英语试题第2页《共8页) 三,阅读理解(共15小题,每小题2分,计30分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳答案。 bcll \long with wheat, rice is one of the most important food crops in the world. It is a nutritious, haul food Each year, farmers grow millions of' tons of nice 500.000 China 50rc红 astAT dat201 31. What food crop is the reading material mainly about? A. Wheat B Rice D. Potato 32. In which country is the most rice grown? A China B Bangladesh. C. India 33. From the map we know that the five countries are all in D. Vietnam A Europe B, Africa C: America D. Asia Bullying can happen to me or you or anybody, but there are things that we can all do to help What is bullying? Bullying is when someone makes you feel bad or hurts you again and again. Bullying happen at school, out of school or online Bullying includes: o calling people mean names 今 laughing at people telling lies about people 9 taking someone's things without being allowed 9 not letting someone play in a group s hitting people. What is cyberbully Cyberbullying happens online and includes: 9 sharing photos without being allowed s not letting someone be part of an online group 英语试题第3页(共8页) What can vou dog If someone is mean to you, tell an adult who you know and like For example, talk to a parent or a teacher You can block a person who wenus mean messages online Dou't reply Talk to your parents or teacher or an adult who are worried about a friend know well if you see bullying or if you Say sorry if you are mean to someone You can write a message or talk to the person: Think about how to he friendly in the future We can all help to say no to bullying 34. Whuch type of bullying is the picture about A Laughing at people C Not lett one play in a group. D Hitting people. peop 35. What can you do if you are bullied online? B. Write back and try to make more friends C. Keep the problems and worries to yourself. D. Tell strangers about the harm of cyberbullying 36. Which can be the best title for this passage A Bullying is everywhere C, Keep away from cyberbullying B, Say no to bullying D Say sorry to people who are bullied any children today live in unsafe places. They may five where wars have been fought or where there is a lot of crime. Play for Peace is an organization formed to help these children It does so by bringing kids and adults together. For wha ke a more peaceful world. PLAY No Prac from different backgrounds come together to play games Some of the gat work together and to learn about one another, While playing. kits begin to understand their Rf different ways of thinking and doing things As kids in the program get older. Play for Peace teaches them to be leaders. They become small village in India described her experience, t didn't realize ther was a larger world until I joined Play for Peace,. It was a big challenge for me. But I grew to feel safe and like them. even Play for Peace works because it brings kids together. They have fim and lean how to get A: Project Hope. B ORBIS C Play for Peace D UNICEF 38. What is the main purpose of the organization make the world B. To bring kids and adults together. C To teach older kids to lead games for younger ones. D, To mke childreni understand different ways of thinking 39 Whar did Mandeep think of her expenience in the program A Common but comfortable B. Tiring but interesting. 4. Why does the author write this A To encourage kids to run away from wan explain the importance of playing C.To tell kids how to get along with each other D, To introduce a charitable organiztion to readers. 英语试题第4页(共8页 D People have told stories about Robin Hood for over 700 years. Nobody knows if he was a real person or an invented character. In the legends, Robin was extremely smart and humorous. He oved laughing and playing tricks on others. Robin had a good heart. In several adventures. he helped strangers, and later his kindness paid off. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood appeared in 1883. It was Howard Pyle's first book and It was a great success At the beginning of the story, Robin was just a young man, who was good at archery(射箭术), One day he was walking through Sherwood Forest, a royal hunting forest near Nottingham in England. There he got into trouble with a group of men. Among them. he killed the cousin of the Sheriff (is t)of Nottingham. Robin became a legendary outlaw, and soon the leader of one He hundred outlaws, known as his"Merry Men Robin and his "Merry Men" always looked for rich people and asked them to their camp in Sherwood Forest. When they arrived, Robin gave them a good meal and played music for them. Then he took their gold away to help the poor. Robin became most famous for"robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The Sheriff of Nottingham was Robin's greatest enemy. He was cruel and treated the po badly. It was his job to keep the woods safe and to make sure that nobody stole the king's deer. He hated Robin because Robin was an outlaw. But most of all. he hated Robin because everyone else loved him. The Sheriff of Nottingham kept trying to catch Robin Hood and his " Merry Men". but in books, and nowadays Robin is still a well-loved hero in literature, theatre, TV and films. 封 y Centuries ago people loved to tell stories of Robin Hood. Later he became a famous character What was Robin Hood like according to the passage? A. Clever and full of fun B. Smart and serious C. Cruel to the poor people D, Good at telling stories The underlined word "outlaw"in Paragraph 3 means A. enemy C. k D. fighter 43. What was Robin Hood best known for? A Playing beautiful music for the rich B. Robbing the rich and helping the poor. C. Stealing the kings deer in Sherwood Forest D. Killing the cousin of the Sheriff of Nottingham. 44. Which is the right order of what happened in the story @Robin became the leader of a group of outlaw 线 (2 Robin asked the rich people to Sherwood Forest @Robin killed the cousin of the Sheriff of Nottingham. @Robin gave poor people the gold he took away from the rich. A.①④②③ B.②(3 C.③①④② D.③①②④ 45. What can we learn from the first and last paragraph A. Robin Hood was a real man who once lived in England. B. People can only read stories of Robin Hood from books C. The stories of Robin Hood are still very popular nowadays. D. Robin Hood didn't get help from strangers who he once helped 英语试题第5页(共8页)
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