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21. -- Do you like the movie Amazing China It’s ________ educational movie.
-- Yes. I like it very much and I am very proud ______ our country.
A. a; in
B. the; in
C. a: of
D. an; of
22. -- Tony is only shorter than Jim, right
-- Yes, he is ________ student in his class.
A. the second tallest
B. the two tallest
C. second tallest
D. two tallest
23. He can’t refuse you if you ask ______.
A. silently
B. quietly
C. politely
D. loudly
24. -- Hi, Tony! _________ you __________ to the newly-opened shopping mall, Tangdao 637 lately
-- Yes. I went there with my parents last week.
A. Did; go
B. Have: been
C. Have; gone
D. Do: go
25. We planned to meet at 10: 30 at the station yesterday, but Bob didn’t _________ until 11: 00.
A. turn up
B. stay up
C. show up
D. grow up
26. --Xining, Summer Resort (夏都), has friendly people and _______ weather.
-- Yes. I hope ________ more tourists coming here to enjoy their cool summer.
A. a pleasant; there will be
B. pleasant; there will hay
C. a pleasant; there will have
D. pleasant; there will be
27. Mille’s mother _________ her to be a great dancer like her.
A. hopes
B. warns
C. wants
D. makes
28. -- Lisa, don’t let _______ in. I am too busy to meet anyone this moming.
-- Ok. I _________.
A. nobody; will
B. anybody; won’t
C. somebody; don’t
D. anybody; don’t
29. It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll never forget the days ______ we spent togeth
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