[ID:4-4667510] 江西省2018年中考英语试题(原卷+解析)
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1. The food is very delicious in that restaurant. We could go and ______ it.
A. sell
B. help
C. produce
D. try
2. Susan never gets upset when she has to wait in line. She is very ______ .
A. shy
B. honest
C. funny
D. patient
3. --Could I speak to Paul I phoned _____.
--Sorry he is still in his meeting.
A. late
B. earlier
C. earliest
D. later
4. Sorry I’m late. I _______ with a friend and I completely forgot the time.
A. talk
B. am talking
C. was talking
D. will talk
5. I live near a big _______. It gets very noisy on match days.
A. hospital
B. store
C. bank
D. playground
6. -- Can students go online during lessons
-- They can ________ it is for that lesson.
A. if
B. or
C. so
D. but
7. Kids have to take many after school classes. They _______ hard to study for good grades.
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