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It was two days before Christmas, and David wanted to give a card to everyone in his class. He opened the bag and looked ____1____. "What are you looking for? his mom asked. "Ms. Ross gave us a ____2____ of everyone in the class, "said David. "I can't find mine. If I don t have my list, I won't know what names to put on the cards."
"Take ____3____ out and we'll look together," suggested Mom. They shook out all his books and ____4____ all the pockets in his bag, but no Christmas list. "Now I can't give out cards at school, "David said sadly.
"Don't ____5____ so easily, said Mom. She took a piece of paper and asked him how many children are in his class. "Seventeen," answered David "I'll never ____6____ them all."
"Wait, "said Mom, numbering the paper one to seventeen." Now, who do you often play with? ""Brian, Todd and John. "She wrote down their ____7____. "And who sits in the first row in your classroom?”“Hmm…Angie, Jill and Brad." David tried to remember what his ____8____ looked like and who sat where, " And Rebecca, Travis and Erin in the second row." David's mom wrote as fast as she could.
Now, they had ____9____ names. Who had he missed? David thought hard.
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