[ID:4-4667176] 江苏省泰州市2018年中考英语试题(Word版,无答案)
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第一部分 选择题(共60分)
1. Among all Chinese traditional arts, Nancy likes _ Beijing Opera best because it is really_____ fun.
A. /; a B. / ; / C. the; a D. the; /
2. It’s _____for you to keep secrets for your friends. In this way,you can win their trust.
A. strange B. necessary C. possible D. lucky
3. About how to achieve a balance between hobbies and schoolwork,Justin asked me for my_____.
A. position B. attention C. suggestion D. introduction
4. Many tourists prefer five-star hotels because they think expensive hotels always_____ guests with better service.
A. prevent B. protect C. present D. provide
5. Amazing China (《厉害了,我的国》)wins high praise from the public. I think the documentary is well worth______.
A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched
6. Not only children but also my husband______crazy about the movie Operation Red Sea (《红海行动》
A. is B. are C. am D. be
7. Mum won’ t let Simon go out unless he promises to be back ______10 o’ clock tonight.
A. till B. before C. as D. since
8. Be patient! Give him more time,______he will find the answer to
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