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28. We must get back to work, we won’t finish everything.
A. And B.but C. so D. or
29. Sleeping is a good thing, but some people sleep .
A. easily B. badly C. quickly D. well
30. -Do you have any for tonight yet
-Not yet. What about having a picnic on the beach
A. problems B. news C. plans D. rules
31. I’ve just returned from my trip to London. I many interesting places there.
A. visit B. will visit C. am visiting D. visited
32. -I want to buy a shirt. But I have a little money.
-The shirts here are all very cheap. And the yellow one is . Do you like it?
A.cheap B. cheaper C. the cheapest D. expensive
33.Would you like to see a movie with me on Saturday night?
Sorry, I didn’t it. Could you please say it again?
A. receive B. catch C. find D. finish
34. Since we began to use the Internet, our lives a lot.
A. change B. had changed C. will change D. have changed
35. A baby's first month birthday is a special event in China and with a special
A. is celebrated B. is celebrating C. was celebrated D. celebrates
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