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26.Lang Lang is ______ famous pianist.He plays ______ piano very well.(  )
A.a,the B.the,the C.the,/ D.a,/
27.Thanks for inviting ______ to your food festival.We really enjoyed ourselves.(  )
A.we B.they C.them D.us
28.﹣Why don’t you buy the sweater?
﹣﹣It’s too ____,and I don’t have enough money to buy it.(  )
A.nice B.expensive C.popular D.cheap
29.﹣Who lives together with your grandmother?
﹣﹣______.She lives alone.I often go to see her.(  )
A.Nobody B.Somebody C.Anybody D.Everybody
30.﹣Have you seen the movie Baby Plan?
﹣﹣Of course.I think it’s ______ movie I have even seen.(  )
A.funny B.funnier
C.the most funny D.the funniest
31.﹣Do you know the student _____ David and Jack?
﹣﹣Yeah.It’s Jim.(  )
A.Among B.in C.between D.around
32.The teacher asked the students to ______ a story about a trip to the moon.(  )
A.give up B.turn up C.cut up D.make up
33.﹣Is the mobile phone new or old?
﹣﹣______.I bought it only two days ago.(  )
A.It’s old B.It’s new C.Yes,it is D.No,it isn’t
34.______ important it is for kids to imagine freely!(  )
A.What B.How C.How an D.What an
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