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海南省 2017 年初中毕业生学业水平考试英 语 科 试 题
(考试时间 90 分钟,满分 120 分)
A) 单词辨音 找出画线部分与其他单词发音不同的选项。
21.A. map B. hate C. wake
22.A. kiss B. shine C. quick
23.A. leave B. break C. peace
24.A. south B. young C. trouble
25.A. such B. March C. headache
B) 选择填空 从 A、B、C 三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项。
26.Mr. Zhao is going to the airport taxi.
A.in B. on C. by
27.Those girls practiced playing football every day and they won the match at last.
A.a B. / C. the
28.—I sick. I may have a fever.
—You’d better go to see a doctor.
A.feel B. look C. sound
29.It is very hot in Hainan this summer. On June 3rd,the in Lingao reached 41.9℃.
A.temperature B. information C. development
30.—David, turn off your computer now! You play on it too long.
—I see, mum.
A.couldn’t B. mustn’t C. wouldn’t
31. people watched the rocket flying up into the sky.
A.Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousands of
32.—I hope I can do well in the exams this time.
— .
A.Thanks a lot B. Good luck to you C. Have a good time
33.Everyone knows the Yellow River isn’t so as the Yangtze River.
A.long B. longer C. longest
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