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一、Multiple choice (本题共20分,每小题1分)Choose the best answer from A, B or C according to the meaning of the sentence.
1.Dear children,this is ______ unusual exam.______ exam is very important to you.Please take it easy.Wish you good results.(  )
A.an; The B.a; the C.an;A n
2.﹣My grandmother was ill in hospital yesterday.﹣______.(  )
A.That’s all right B.I’m sorry to hear that
C.That’s a good idea.
3.Chairman Xi Jinping ______ the president of the USA ______ April 6th,2017.(  )
A.will meet; in B.met; on
C.meets; on
4.My cousin is ______ heavy because he often eats ______ fast food.(  )
A.much too; too many B.too much; too much
C.much too; too much
5.﹣There is little pollution in that village,_______?
﹣No.The air there is quite fresh and clean.(  )
A.is there B.isn’t there C.is it
6.If you want to keep your teeth healthy,you’d better not eat ________ a lot.(  )
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