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第二部分 语言知识运用(共25分)
26. —Who won the fist prize of the ______World Table Tennis Championship
—You mean the match help in ______ Ma Long did.
A. fifty –four; German B. fifty-fourth ; Germany
C. fifty-fourth; German D. fifty-four; Germany
27. —Kangkang, tell us something about _____in your hometown
—Usually on this day, people eat zongzi in memory of Qu Yuan.
A. the Spring Festival B. The Lantern Festival
C. the Dragon Boat Festival D. the Mid-Autumn Festival
28. —Zheng He was a Ming dynasty _____that we Chinese people are proud of.
—I agree with you. He even succeed ______sailing to the east coast of Africa.
A. tourist ; to B. philosopher ; in C. inventor ; to D. explorer; in
29.—In some countries, people eat with chopsticks, but in _____, knives and forks.
—You see, people around the world have different eating habits.
A. others B. other C. another D. all
30. —Celia, join us in the Super Summer Camp if it ____this weekend.
—I’d love to. But nobody knows if it ______.
A. is fine ; rains B. is fine ; will rain C. will be fine ; will rain D. will be fine ; rains
31. —CCTV has produced a TV show —Chinese Poetry Competiton. Have you seen it
—Sure. Wu Yishu, 16, _____studies at the High School Affiliated to Fudan, is the winner.
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