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31. There is a______in my neighborhood and I often go there to see tigers.
A. zoo B. bank C. school
32. “Look! An old man is lying on the road.” “His leg is badly hurt. Let’s call_____.”
A. 118 B. 119 C. 120
33. “Do you know when the Belt and Road International Day is”
“Yes, it is____December 16th.”
A. at B. on C. iri
34. When l was on my way home, it suddenly started to rain_____.
A. heavily B.quickly C.hardly
35. My hometown is the place______holds all my sweet memories.
A. who B. which C. what
36. Grace often gets nervous before she gives a speech .
A. in pubic B. in total C. in common
37. Xiao Ming, you’ll be late for school______you hurry up.
A. after B. though C. unless
38. We should not trees in order to make our environment more beautiful.
A. write down B. cut down C. turn down
39. “Cindy, how far is it from your home to school” “About 20 walk.”
A. minutes B. minute’s C. minutes’
40. We all know that one ofthe world’s most popular sports football.
A. am B. is C. are
41. Huangguoshu Waterfall is beautiful that I want to come here
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