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英 语 试 题
( ) 1. — What do you think of ____ party last night?
— Great! All of us had ____ good time.
A. a; a B. the; the C. the ; a D. a ; thewww.21-cn-jy.com
( ) 2. When you walk ____ the street, you can’t be too careful.
A. across B. through C. over D. for
( ) 3. If he drove more carefully, he wouldn’t have hurt ____ .
A. him B. herself C. his D. himself
( ) 4. We ____ our foreign teacher since he ____ to America.
A. haven’t heard from; returned B. didn’t hear from; returned
C. didn’t hear from; returns D. haven’t heard from; returns
( ) 5. I wouldn’t like to go to the library this Sunday, and I wonder ____ .
A. whether you can go with me B. that you can go with me
C. whether can you go with me D. can you go with me
( ) 6. Never ____ , and your dream will come true.
A. give away B. give up C. give out D. give back
( ) 7. Mr. Wu is a ____ teacher. He is always telling jokes.
A. humorous B. strict C. careful D. handsome
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