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26.–May I have a look at the magazine China Today
--Certainly. _______.
A.Here you are B. It’s a pity C. Thank you D. I’d like to
27. –He promised to come for the interview on Wednesday. ______ today
--Tuesday. I’ll meet him at the interview tomorrow.
A.What’s the date B. What day is it C. What time is it D. What’s on the calendar
28. –Can you guess ______
--The south. She prefers rice to noodles.
A.how old she is B. what she does C. where she’s from D. who she is
29. –You don’t look well. ______ with you
--I have a fever and can’t stop coughing.
A.What’s happening B. What is it C. What’s on D. What’s the matter
30. –People choose high-speed train or self-driving to travel on holidays.
--______ fast the traditional travel ways change!
A.What a B. How C. What D. How a
31. –It is said that TV program Readers was quite popular.
--Yes, I watched ______ at eight last Saturday.
A.it B. them C. that D. those
32. –Life is becoming convenient with the Internet.
--That’s true! Almost everything ______ be done online.
A.must B.
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