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第二部分 基础知识运用四、单项选择请从下列各题所给的A、B、C三个选项中,选出一个可以填入空白处的最佳选项。(共15小题,计15分)
21.﹣______cellphones in the shop are so nice.
﹣I want to buy _____so much.(  )
A.The;it B./;it C.The one
22.﹣Enshi is becoming a popular tourist destination now.
﹣I think so.__________people come here every summer vacation.(  )
A.Hundreds and thousands of
B.Hundred and thousand of
C.Hundreds and thousands
23.﹣Henry,have you seen the English book on the ______desk?If you see it,please take it to the ______office.
﹣OK.(  )
A.teachers’;teachers’ B.teacher’s;teachers’
C.teacher’s; teacher’s
24.﹣Taiwan is an important patt of China.
﹣Yes,it lies ______the southeast of China.(  )
A.in B.on C.to
25.﹣The weather changes often in June.
﹣__________.The highest temperature yesterday was 32°C,but it’s just 18°C today.(  )
A.So it is B.So it does C.So does it
26.In old days,the poor _______ for the boss for over 18 hours a day.(  )
A.was made to be worked B.were made work
C.were made to work
27.Among these children,Jim has________life and he lives______.(  )
A.The most happy;most happily
B.the happiest;most happily
C.the happiest;happiest
28.﹣Is that boy Tony?
﹣It _____ be him.He has gone to Shanghai.(  )
A.may not B.should C.can’t
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