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21.﹣What do you usually have for breakfast?
﹣Some bread,________ egg and a glass of milk.(  )
A.a B.an C.the D./
22.﹣________ will you ask for help when you are in trouble?
﹣My parents,I think.(  )
A.Who B.What C.Where D.When
23.﹣Good news!I got the last ticket to the concert.
﹣How ________ you are!(  )
A.active B.strange C.lucky D.funny
24.Everyone makes mistakes in life.The key is not to repeat ________ again.(  )21cnjy.com
A.it B.this C.that D.them
25.﹣Reading is a good way to spend the time on the plane.
﹣That's true.I never go travelling ________ a book.(  )
A.without B.from C.on D.about
26.For our safety,we must ________ the traffic rules on the way to school.(  )
A.follow B.change C.make D.break
27.Of all the drinks,tea is ________ in the world.It has a history of about 5,000years.(  )
A.old B.older C.the oldest D.very old
28.The volunteers ________ a lot of help to the old and the young since 2010.(  )
A.offered B.have offered C.are offering D.will offer
29.﹣What's the meaning of"One Belt and One Road"?
﹣Let me ________ the words in the new dictionary.(  )
A.look at B.look for C.look after D.look up
30.Computers are very useful.They can help us get much ________ on the Internet.(  )
A.games B.information C.courage D.messages
31.To keep child
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