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26. On _____ Children’s Day, Mary received a prize for being _______ honest boy.
A. the’ an B./;an C./;a D. the; a
27.Tom doesn’t feel sure of________ in his new school.
A. he B. him C. his D. himself
28. ---What do you think of the movie The Fate of the Furious 8
---It is______ !I enjoy it very much.
A. friendly B. fantastic C. awful D. noisy
29. In the Name of People(《人民的名义》)is so wonderful that my uncle _____ to see it yesterday evening.
A. picked up B. stayed up C. set up D. took up.
30.—Look! The man at the gate ______ be our headmaster. He is always standing there every morning.
—No, it ______ be him. He is holding a meeting in the office now.
A. must; can’t B. must; mustn’t C. can’t; can’t D. can’t; mustn’t
31. Dick ________ in America, but he has been _ Chinese food since he moved to China.
A. used to live; used to eating B. is used to live; used to eat
C. is used to live; used to eating D. used to living; used to eat
32. ________Jack was a little disappointed, he still went on with his work.
A. Although B. Because C. Since D. If
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