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2019 年厦门市初中总复习教学质量检测参考答案 1-5: ABABC 6-10: CACBB 11-15: CCBAC 21-25: CBBAB 26-30: ABCCA 31-35: BABAC 36-40: BCCAB 41-45: ACBAC 46-50: CBADD 51-55: AACCB 56-60: CBDBD 61-65: BDBAC 66-70: CBAED 注:下列非选择题可能存在多种答案,请根据具体情况酌情评分。 16. gifts 17. small 18. guide 19. meets 20. two 71. I don’t feel well. 72. Good luck! 73. I am more outgoing than I used to be. 74. Can you play ping-pong, Dave? 75. Excuse me, how can I get to Xiamen University? 76. My favorite animal is panda. 77. The boy drew a picture yesterday. 78. They are going to have a birthday party tomorrow. 79. He can’t listen to music in class. 80. Please turn off the light when you leave the room. 81. became 82. idea 83. daily 84. excited 85. away 86. bags 87. famous 88. called 89. difference 90. until VIII. One possible version Junior high is an important stage in your life. As a student who is about to enter junior high, your heart must be filled with expectation. To help you get used to the junior high life, I will share you two pieces of advice. First, establish your routines. By doing this, you can quickly fall into a pattern that feels familiar and comfortable. Second, be sure to try new things. You can join new clubs or take up a new hobby. This will not only get you out of the stressful schoolwork, but also help you make more friends. I hope my advice can be helpful to you and make you enjoy your life in the junior high school. 2019 年厦门市初中总复习教学质量听力录音稿 第一节 听句子 听下面五个句子,从每小题所给的三幅图中选出与句子内容相符的选项。 (每个句子读两遍) 1. I borrowed some books from the library. 2. It is going to be another cloudy day tomorrow. 3. We should plant more trees to make the environment better. 4. Frank wants to be a pilot when he grows up. 5. People in China often eat noodles on their birthdays. 第二节 听对话 听下面七段对话,从每小题所给的 A、B、C三个选项中选出正确答案。 (每段对话读两遍) 听第 1段对话,回答第 6题。 M: What’s your hobby? W: I used to be interested in singing and dancing, but now I prefer swimming. 听第 2段对话,回答第 7题。 W: Pete, could you please help me do the dishes? I’m working on my project. M: OK, after I finish this game. 听第 3段对话,回答第 8题。 W: Michael, do you learn English by joining a club or doing grammar exercises? M: Neither. I keep reading English books. It really helps. 听第 4段对话,回答第 9题。 W: Let’s go to the park this weekend. M: We’ve been there several times. Why not enjoy the wonderful weather at the beach or ride the horse on the farm? W: Well, going to the beach would be better. 听第 5段对话,回答第 10、11题。 W:Would you like to see the movie Avengers 4? M: Good idea. When will it start? W: At 5 o’clock. We have 45 minutes left. I think we can take the bus there. M: How about riding a bike? It’s good exercise. W: But it’s so hot and I don’t want to make myself sweat. M: All right. Let’s take the subway. The station is near here. W: Good idea. Here we go. 听第 6段对话,回答第 12、13题。 W: Can I help you? M: I need something for sports. W: How about the T-shirts and the jacket? M: Well, they are not my style. I prefer the blue hat. How much is it? W: It used to be 10 dollars, but now it is 6 dollars. M: OK, I’ll take it. 听第 7段对话,回答第 14、15题。 W: Honey, it’s your first day at school. Get ready for it? I hope you can enjoy it. M: Em.... I’m a bit nervous. What if I get something wrong? W: Don’t worry. Lots of people get things wrong on their first day. Your uncle, a gardener, cut the flowers instead of the grass on his first day. Ned, the farm worker, tried to milk the chickens on his first day. M: Well, I won’t do anything as silly as that on my first day. W: Of course you won’t, but you might want to change your clothes before you go to school. 第三节 听短文 根据所听到的短文内容完成表格,每空一词。(短文读三遍) What do you think of the Forbidden City? Some of you may say visiting it is a little boring. But now, the Forbidden City is changing! You can find many fun things about the museum, such as cute gifts and an interesting app. First, look at these dolls. They all have small eyes and round faces. They are very cute. Besides, Emperor’s One Day is an app. In the app, you can be the emperor. A little lion can guide you to learn about the emperor’s life. The emperor gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning, then he meets with his ministers. He needs to study for several hours and usually has only two meals a day. Do you like to be an emperor?
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