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21.I have seen _____ movie “We were born in China” and it’s quite _____ educational one.
A.不填/an B. an/ a C. the/a D. the/an
22.Mr.Green is _______ teacher from England. He teaches ______ English.
A. our; us B. our; our C. ours; us D. us; us
23.Judy doesn’t like the book because there is _______ in it.
A. interesting something B. something interesting
C. interesting nothing D. nothing interesting
24.It’s reported on TV that a _______ boy was hit by a car this afternoon.
A. 15-year-old B. 15-years-old C. 15 years old D. 15 years old
25.The girl was heard _____ in the house a moment ago. No one knew what had happened.
A. cry B. to cry C. cried D. cries
26.It is much ______ than yesterday, so there are ______ people playing in the park today.
A. cold; few B. warm; less C. colder; fewer D. warmer; less
27.My friend is leaving for America and I’m going to the airport to __________ .
A. pick her up B. see her off C. ring her up D. wake her up
28.Do you have any problems if you ______ this job?
A. offer B. will offer C. are offered D. will
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