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--5 CBBAC 6---10 CCAAC 11--15 AACBC
--20 CCBBA 21---25 BBAAB
sleep 27. eight/8 28. poor 29. shinning 30. rest
31---35 CBCCD 36---40 ADCAC 41---45 CADCA
46---50 ACDAC 51---55BDBBD
56---60 ABDCA 61---65 CDADB 66---70 ADCBG
71. good 72. called/named 73. among 74. spend 75. how
76. worried 77. show/program 78. while/when 79. But/And 80. difficult
81. The Tencent Inc
82. During the winter holiday in 2018
83. Five/5
84. To further guide young people how to use Internet properly
85. Improving their senses of safety and risk
With the development of Internet, we can share happiness and spread our circle of friends. At the same time, our personal information is also easy to be known by others. If it’s known by the bad persons, that may bring inconvenience to our life and even make us get into trouble. Do you know what the personal information includes In fact, names, phone calls number, addresses and school names belong to personal information. When someone wants you to provide your personal information, you must be careful, keep in touch with your parents or teachers in time, and make sure whether it is true or not in some correct way.
In a word, protecting and respecting our personal information is to protect our personal safety.
A. 听单句话
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