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九年级中考模拟试题(五 )

21.—What’s ________ matter with you
—I have ________ toothache.
A.a; the B.the; / C./; a D.the; a
22.The song I Believe I Can Fly tells us that believing in ________ is very important.
A.themselves B.itself
C.ourselves D.yourselves
23.—Hurry up. It’s almost time for school.
—Don’t worry. We are sure to be at school________.
A.at times B.on time
C.all the time D.by the time
24.The running water makes the stones ________ very smooth.
A.sound B.taste C.smell D.feel
25.________I am in trouble, my classmates will help me out.
A.Before B.Whenever
C.Although D.Whether
26.—Song Joong-ki is a movie star in Asia now.
—That’s true. He was once an excellent skater but had to ________ skating because of an accident.
A.give up B.go on C.take up
27.—Mum, I’m tired of doing too much homework every day.
—Oh, dear, without hard work, you can’t ________ your dream.
A.choose B.encourage
C.receive D.achieve
28.It is not easy for young children to ________ difficult problems by themselves.
A.care about B.deal with
C.decide on D.worry about
29.(易错题) Our parents always try to do what they can ________ us to have a good learning condition.
A.help B.helping
C.helps D.to help
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