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31. Chinese Poetry Competition has ________ influence on people. More people like poetry.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
32. —Would you like tea or coffee
—________. I’d like some hot water.
A. Either B. Each C. Neither D. Both
33. I’m a singer is popular _______ students. We often talk about it after class.
A. on B. between C. about D. among
34. It’s about ________ from our school to my house.
A. 20 minutes’ walk B. 20 minute’s walk
C. walk of 20 minutes D. 20 minutes’ walks
35. ________ you speak,________ your English will be.
A. The less; the more B. The more; the better
C. The less; the better D. The more; the less
36. ________ I am in trouble, my classmates will help me out.
A. Before B. Whenever
C. Although D. Whether
37. Tommy is clever. He always________ good ideas.
A. comes up with B. ends up with C. makes up with D. catches up with
38. There’s little meat in the fridge. I _______ some in the supermarket.
A. buy B. bought C. will buy D. have bought
39. —Are you going to Sam’s birthday party the day after tomorrow
—I’m not sure. I will go with you if I ________.
A. will invite B. invite C. will be invited D. am invited
40. —I want to know ________ on WeChat (微信) every day.
—About half an hour.
A. how long do you spend
B. how long you spend
C. how soon do you spend
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